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In the digital age, websites are the shop front of your business. Website localization or website translation is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible and culturally suitable to the target audience. It is the process of adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context, involving more than simply translating words. Translation converts text from one language into another, localization goes further and adapts elements such as font, color, images and design to be culturally relevant and resonate with your target audience.

When companies attempt to expand into new markets, reach a global audience and increase international sales, the benefits of website localization are clear. Shakespeare’s website solutions ensure that adapting your site for global markets has never been easier.

  • Website Localization Analysis

    Shakespeare offers website localization that is tailored to your needs. We will provide you with a complete set of source files, also known as a localization kit. A website localization kit includes:

    • Website URL 

    • A Summary of Website Architecture

    • Information of Content Management System (CMS) to Store and Publish Contents

    • Passwords or Login Instructions

    • A List of Files that Need to Be Translated

    The website localization kit will be analyzed for number of words, the source and target languages, subject matter, graphic localization requirement, desktop publishing (DTP) requirements as well as Website development platform and process.

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  • Translation of Website Content

    Shakespeare creates catchy multilingual websites that truly resonate with your global target audience. We will prepare a glossary list throughout the localization process and build up translation memory tools specific to every company.


    Shakespeare’s professional translation team interprets context and captures the accurate meaning of your messages, making your product productive, efficient and profitable. Our translation protects your brand, increases your trustworthiness and helps you win and retain customers.

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  • Localizing Layout & Adapting Pictures

    A website layout is a pattern (or framework) that defines a website's structure, which provides clear paths for navigation within web pages and puts the most important elements of a website front. To achieve maximum impact in the target market, Shakespeare’s technical information team has expert skills to ensure that your images and visuals fully complement your localized translation.

    Displaying high quality and relevant images on your website does not only make your website more professional, they will also increase your visitors’ engagement.

    You will instantly 

    • Make your products more appealing and desirable

    • Make your website appears more credible and trustworthy

    • Make people associate your products are of better quality

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  • Adapting Colors to Cultures

    Color is the most immediate way of creating a first impression, which can make it a challenge to design. Since colors used on website contribute to the visual impression made on every viewer, Shakespeare Language Service applied serious attention to the selection of color and images to a web page's design. We identify what most of your visitors focus on first and get rid of social implications concerning colors. Shakespeare maintains a strategic distance from concealed implications. Shakespeare selects the wisest website color choice for your industry.

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  • Localization Testing & Engineering

    Localization Testing is defined as a software testing technique, where the website content and functions are checked to assure that they behave according to the local culture or settings. Shakespeare’s testers verify various things like typographical errors, cultural appropriateness, linguistic errors, etc.

    There are two types of testing. Semantic testing is the process to check the interpretation of all content and confirm there is consistency over the site. Practical testing undertaken by our Information Technology Team guarantees the site works properly and the connections work legitimately.

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