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Shakespeare Language Service can be your first choice offering multilingual services and the best language solutions fit your needs. We provide various tailored language services with the world’s highest level of accuracy and best adaptability to the evolving needs of your businesses. 


We are experienced in a wide spectrum of language solutions, with several specialties: Copywriting Service, Transcreation Service, Resume Writing Service, Editing & Proofreading Service, Transcription & Subtitling Service. Please let us know your needs and questions, we will be more than happy to help.

  • Copywriting Service

    Copywriting is the process of writing text for the purpose of promoting, advertising and marketing to create brand awareness. Shakespeare’s native writers deliver tailor-made content for your company such as Emails, Website Contents, Social Media Account Posts, Press Releases, Articles and Blogs, Company and Product Brochures, Advertisements, Video and Audio Scripts, Speeches, Training Manuals and even Business Proposals. 

    Unlike translation, copywriting requires creative and good writing skills to impress target audience positively. Shakespeare’s Copywriting Team will base on the information provided by your company, the research conducted by us, and our expertise to assist you in attracting more customers. Shakespeare Translation will help your company to match with a best fit copywriter to meet all your requirement.

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  • Transcreation Service

    Sometimes, translation may not enough for a global company to promote their products and services in different countries with different cultures. In most advertising and marketing industries, it is very important to keep both the content meaning and the emotional essence at the same time. To provide a professional translation service with creative writing style, Shakespeare Translation also offers transcreation service for our customers.

    Shakespeare’s professional team will re-create the translated content to have better understanding for the local audience. In many industries, such as Hospitality, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty, a good description on the products and services indicates the success of the business. Shakespeare’s transcreation team is able to deliver your message creatively for your company to boost your global business!

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  • Resume Writing Service

    When you are looking for your first job or trying to make a career change, the process starts with your resume which can make or break your chances of getting a job interview. Resume is a profile of a person’s life. It summaries the job experience, academic qualification, skills and achievements of a person. A well-written resume can give your employer a good impression and help you stand out from other candidates, or even help you get the job! With Shakespeare's expert team, we can help you to present yourself in a professional manner.

    We can polish your resume and highlight your academic qualifications, professional work experiences and achievements, personal and interpersonal skills to convince your employers you are the most suitable person for the job. Shakespeare Translation offers you a capable and professional resume writing service that can bring you a better career!

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  • Editing & Proofreading Service

    The quality of a translation depends on whether you have gone through translation, editing and proofreading process. Most people will neglect the editing part but editing is essential to a good piece of work. Shakespeare’s native editing team will edit the translation before sending to proofreading so as to ensure accuracy, coherent, consistent terminology and language style. We master quality control of every translation and provide a smooth and natural translation for next process.

    After editing the translation, our professional proofreading team will check the target (translated) context against the source (original) context to ensure all the spelling, grammar, names and the overall style are correct and appropriate. To deliver a flawless translation, proofreading the translation twice is necessary because sometimes we might need another new and fresh eye to make sure it is without any careless errors. All in all, proofreading is the final check of the translation to ensure best quality for your company.

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  • Transcription & Subtitling Service

    Shakespeare Translation offers transcription and subtitling service in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and more than 100 other languages. Either you have meetings, interviews, presentations, corporate promotional or training videos, our professional transcription team will be able to deliver a fast, precise and organized work with good quality. Our experts from all over the world are good at distinguishing different accents. We will also do some research about your industry to make sure our work is accurate. 

    Some customers may wish to add subtitles on their corporate videos. Shakespeare Translation offers professional subtitling service with accurate time coding and readable sentences. Our experts will break down the content into clear and concise sentences, so that the audience are easily to read and understand.

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