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Shakespeare offers translations for businesses and private customers with a vast network of qualified native translators from all over the world. Our translators have professional language skills, extensive knowledge, and the ability to understand the source language and convert it into target language in a fluent and faithful manner.

Shakespeare Translation stands out from other translation companies for our advantages lie in selection of translators and communication. Shakespeare’s well-qualified translators with their specialization and experience will match the needs of your documents. Shakespeare keeps building bridges between people, countries and cultures, with exceptional translations as a result!

  • Certified Translation

    Shakespeare Language Service has been a regular member of New England Translators Association. Our reputation wins the trust from our certified translation clients in Hong Kong as well as overseas. Shakespeare’s certified translation is undertaken in accordance with industry standards. We adhere to a strict code of professional conduct to safeguard the interests of every customer. 

    We provide Certified Translation for a range of official documents including:

    • Translation of Birth Certificates, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates

    • Translation of Passports, ID Documents, Degree Certificates, Academic Transcripts

    • Translation of Employment Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Legal Complaints, Court Summons, Police Reports

    • Translation of Household Bills, Education Transcripts, Medical Reports, Work Permit

    • Translation of Bank Statements, Insurance Documents

    • Translation of any other document that needs to be certified for official use

    Shakespeare guarantees that all your translated documents are certified. Our translation team treats all documents with highest level of respect and confidentiality. Request a free quote today and put your certified document translation in safe hands.

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  • Financial and Insurance Document Translation

    Shakespeare Language Service deals with financial and insurance industries to meet the demands of different companies. Whether for internal communication or external publication, each translation is tailored to the unique requirements of every client. We offer Financial and Insurance Translation service for

    • Translation of Financial Agreements, Due Diligence Reports, Annual Reports, Investment Policies, Legal Contracts

    • Translation of Equity and Bond Research Statements, Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Translation of Bids and Tenders, Investment Portfolios, Insurance Claims

    • Translation of Flotation and IPO Collateral, Investor Relations Calls, Shareholder Communications

    • Translation of Financial Marketing, Auditing, Business Administration, Risk Management, Press Releases, Case Studies

    Shakespeare is very knowledgeable about all challenges presented by financial translation, ensuring that all translations are true to the source texts and comply with required financial practices and regulations.

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  • Legal Document Translation

    Shakespeare delivers accurate and official legal translation services. Our comprehensive language solutions for various complex legal matters can be tailored to your specific needs. Your will receive timely translations from our translators who translate exclusively into their native language, ensuring that every project is completed with precision and accuracy.

    Shakespeare offers Legal Document Translation for a range of official documents including:

    • Translation of Terms and Conditions 

    • Translation of Contracts 

    • Translation of Service Agreements 

    • Translation of Trademarks and Copyrights 

    • Translation of Securities, Judgments, Legislation

    • Translation of Incorporation and Foundation Documents

    Shakespeare’s experience in the translation of legal documentation provides a superior language service that many international clients have come to rely on. Shakespeare’s legal translation service offers you a peace of mind that your translation is definitely accurate, authentic and reliable. Get a quote instantly!

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  • Commercial and Marketing Document Translation

    Shakespeare Language Service provides accurate commercial translation services which will ensure a better communication between clients, customers, suppliers and partners. Our specified translators are experienced in business terms to deliver the core messages of your business. Shakespeare’s translation guarantees understanding between partners, enabling the success of information exchange.

    We have helped our partners to translate important Commercial Documents including:

    • Translation of Business Plans and Commercial Propositions

    • Translation of Marketing Texts and Presentations

    • Translation of Brochures and Flyers

    • Translation of Product and Service Studies 

    • Translation of Product Catalogs 

    • Translations of Minutes of Meetings, Agreements and Contracts

    Shakespeare can work with your business standards to offer you the most quality commercial and marketing translation services. Please tell us the specification that you need for your commercial and marketing sector and Shakespeare will make every effort to ensure your success.

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  • Medical Document Translation

    The medical industry demands accuracy, consistency and confidentiality for documents that are associated with translation. Shakespeare’s medical language specialists possess a wealth of knowledge to deliver professional translation exceeding your expectations regardless of volume or urgency.

    Shakespeare Language Service assists you with a wide variety of Medical Document Translation service including:


    • Translation of Healthcare Brochures

    • Translation of Lab Test Reports, Testing Reports

    • Translation of Hospital Medical Reports, Clinical Trial Reports

    • Translation of Doctors’ Letters

    • Translation of Medical Consent Forms

    • Translation of Medical Marketing Materials

    • Translation of Medical Manuals, Medical Product Labels

    • Translation of Research Study Reports, Medical Data Sheets

    Shakespeare is always dedicated to delivering the highest standards in medical linguistic sector. Take advantage of a competitive price for your medical translation.

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  • Technical Document Translation

    Technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects with specialized terminology of the scientific and technical field involved. The translation of such documents is produced by Shakespeare’s technical translators with a good understanding of such subject matter as well as specialized terms of that field both in multilingual languages.

    Shakespeare is experienced in rendering Technical Document materials including:


    • Translation of Patents

    • Translation of Reports

    • Translation of Handling Descriptions

    • Translation of Software, Scientific Research, Manuals

    • Translation of Instruction Sheets, Signage

    • Translation of Websites

    • Translation of User Guides, Operating Instructions, Podcasts

    Shakespeare will translate your scientific and technical projects perfectly while preserving the technical content and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Every project will be carried out by professionals who specialize in your field. Our team is standing by. Get your free quote instantly!

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  • Magazine Translation

    Magazine Translation is the translation of articles in magazines, which effectively calls attention to client’s services through superior articles and appealing images. Shakespeare Language Service works with multinational companies, publishing houses, media houses, government departments as well as marketing and advertising firms. We are in touch with market demands and are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

    Shakespeare’s Magazine Translation service applies to:

    • Translation of Magazines concerning General Interest

    • Translation of Magazines concerning Ethical, Social, Political or Scientific Problems

    • Translation of Magazines concerning Love Stories, Fashion, Photos

    • Translation of News Magazines (Situation, Politics, Economics, Religion, Industry, Sports)

    • Translation of Technical Magazines (Engineering, Medicine, Gardening)

    • Translation of Corporate Magazines or Journals (History, Services, Management)

    • Translation of Sports Magazines, Magazines for Children

    • Translation of Literary Magazines, Religious Magazines, Film Magazines

    Magazine translation may require a range of services including translation and localization, transcreation, professional copywriting and desktop publishing. Shakespeare endeavors to satisfy all your needs. Click for more Magazine Translation Service or other linguistic services.

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