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As an international financial center, Hong Kong holds many international conferences and meetings every year. At an international conference, professional interpretation services must be provided for all the local and overseas customers to overcome the language barrier. Shakespeare Interpretation Team features a large pool of professional and experienced interpreters which specialized in different languages and various industries.

We provide interpretation services for Business Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, and Interviews in more than 100 language pairs. If you are looking for Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Whispering Interpretation or other interpretation services, Shakespeare Translation is a good choice for you.

  • Consecutive Interpretation

    Consecutive Interpretation (CI) is very common in Small Group Meetings. It takes place when the speaker finishes one part and then pauses to allow the interpreter to start interpreting. It does not require any equipment. Shakespeare’s well-trained interpreters will first listen and take notes, then interprets what has been said by the speaker into another language.

    Consecutive Interpretation is usually being used when the scale of meeting is not large such as Interviews, Business Meetings, Corporate Trainings, Medical Consultation etc. Call to request a free quote or consultation.

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  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is mostly used for International Conferences. As such interpretation service is performed in real time, interpreters will deliver the interpretation with only 2-3 seconds delay. For Simultaneous Interpretation, we will provide a soundproof booth for interpreters to sit in. They will listen to the speaker by headphones, and then speak into the microphone at almost the same time. 

    This type of interpretation demands extreme concentration therefore sometimes requiring a team of two interpreters per language. Shakespeare’s Simultaneous Interpretation Team is full of experience in formal international conferences. With our specialized fields in Information Technology, Law, Medical, Hospitality, Finance, Banking, Marketing and so on, we can assist you in organizing a successful and seamless event.

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  • Whispering Interpretation

    Whispering Interpretation targets to only one to two audiences. Interpreter will sit closely to the audience, whispering the interpretation at the same time as the speaker said. Whispering Interpretation is a kind of Simultaneous Interpretation, and it is most suitable for smaller meetings which using equipment is not preferred. 

    At Shakespeare Translation, our experienced interpreters are capable to deliver different interpretation services. We will help your company to match with a best fit interpreter for your event. Get an instant quote on Shakespeare’s specialized Interpreting Services!

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  • Telephone Interpretation &

    Video Remote Interpretation

    Telephone Interpretation, also known as Over-The-Phone-Interpreting, is to provide interpretation service via phone between two audiences in different places. Telephone Interpretation is similar to Consecutive Interpretation as the interpreter will wait until the speaker has finished. Compared to other interpretation services, Telephone Interpretation is more cost-effective. It does not require interpreter to be at the same location as the audience. 

    Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) also takes place where the interpreter does not need to meet the audience. Interpreters of VRI will provide Consecutive Interpretation service via video conference call. During the meeting, speaker will pause when he finishes, Shakespeare’s interpreters will then interpret accurately what has been said just now. Our professional Interpreting team is available in more than 100 language pairs and we can offer the best suitable interpreter for you.

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  • Equipment Rental Service

    Shakespeare Translation provides well-equipped Simultaneous Interpretation equipment for rental and professional technical team to assist your company in holding a successful event. Our experienced technicians will install and manage the equipment properly to ensure that the event will be run smoothly. 

    Our Simultaneous Interpretation equipment includes:

    • Interpretation soundproof booths 

    • Interpreter microphones 

    • Interpreter consoles

    • Wireless receivers 

    • Headphones

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